BANDUST™ Technology

R&R’s BANDUST technology reduces respirable dust during investing – up to 99% versus standard materials.


In identical testing conditions, conventional investment materials (above left) release noticeably more fine dust than BANDUST technology investments (above right).

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glass-cast-mold-materialRTV2AquaShpereR&R GLASS-CAST investments stand apart from other mold materials available due to their superior strength and detail reproduction; allowing for molds that resist cracking and minimize entrapped air. No matter which method of pattern removal is used, R&R’s products work exceptionally.
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R&R® Glass-Cast™ 101 BANDUST™ investment

R&R® Glass-Cast™ 400 investment

R&R® Glass-Cast™ 910 investment

R&R® Glass-Cast™ 965 investment

R&R® Mold-Mix 50/50 investment

RTV2 silicone rubber HT3135

R&R® AquaSphere™ wax