"The R&R® Glass-Cast™ 101 BANDUST™ investment has treated me very well..."
~ Robin Lehman


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Green bowl studio shotBacigalupiBound-by-decisionsScigamaeDanielle

R&R GLASS-CAST investments offer a variety of mold materials for glass casting production facilities, studio artists and hobbyists. At Ransom & Randolph (R&R), we recognize that every glass caster is different and what works for one may not work for another. That's why our team is committed to providing you with a broad range of materials to meet your specific glass casting needs; no matter the glass casting method, application or size of your project. Glass casters taking advantage of R&R GLASS-CAST investments have realized the following advantages in their facilities:

We have been serving glass casters worldwide for years and pride ourselves on providing our casters with consistent, quality products and excellent customer service. Our casters enjoy the benefits of using R&R GLASS-CAST investments and enthusiastically recommend their favorites!

Pictured above (L to R): Baker O’BrienGreen Bowl | Bacigalupi Studio – Hummingbird Vase #1 | Shannon Brunskill – Bound by Decisions | Hugh McKay – Scigamae | Ron Reisman – Danielle
Pictured left: Robin Lehman – Sponge